Additional Services

Additional Services

We are a one stop shop for all your touring and visiting needs in Israel.
What ever you need, we can provide it. Here you will find some of our most asked for additional services.
If you don’t see what you are looking for here, drop us a line in and we will be happy to get back to you.

No need to worry about getting yourself from the airport to your hotel, we will be happy to take care of this for you. When you book an airport transfer with Gordon Active you will be met at the luggage claim and escorted to your driver.  We can also offer upgraded meet & greet services including VIP airplane to car.

Gordon Active enjoys unbeatable relationships with most hotels in the country, which means that we can offer you the best rates, often lower than what you would be able to book online.  We are happy to take care of all your pre and post tour hotel arrangements, and can offer you advise as to the best suited hotels for your needs.

Whether you are in Israel on one of our multi-day bike tours, or on a classic touring holiday we can offer you a private bike tour throughout the country on your pre or post tour days. Your tour will be with a specialist bike guide who will not only be able to lead you on the roads but as a licensed tour guide will be able to expertly show you the historical and cultural sites of the area.

We offer open registration bike tours in Jerusalem on Saturday mornings and on Tuesday nights. On Saturday we offer our Jerusalem Day Tour, and on Tuesday or Jerusalem Night Tour.  These tours have set departure times, and are open to any-one aged over 13 who can ride a bike. The price is $60 per person. Contact us to book.

For free days in the city, you will make the most of your time with a private guide. Most commonly hired for Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, a private guide will tailor a tour of the city according to your interests and needs.  You can also take a private guide with no vehicle to any area around the country if you rent and drive a car. For private guide with vehicle see the next section.

With a private guide with a vehicle the country is your (kosher) oyster. Whether it’s revisiting an area you already saw on your tour, or exploring a whole different part of the country, a private guide with a vehicle opens the doors to the whole country. You can take a guide with a vehicle for 1 day or for several days. If you are in a group, you may wish to take a guide and a driver.

With your guide you can see any site that was not included on your tour. Some of our most popular day tours are:

  • Masada & Dead Sea
  • Judean Hills – Ela Valley & Beit Guvrin
  • Caesarea & The Carmel
  • Akko & Rosh HaNikra

As these tours are private, you can build your daily itinerary with one of our expert agents at the time of booking in order to make the most out of your day.

From the moment you think about visiting Israel, to the moment you land back at your home airport we will be with you. We can develop a tailor made program for your visit to Israel reflecting your personal interests, background, and group dynamic. Our office staff eager to create your trip of a lifetime, be it on a bike, on the hiking trails, or cultural touring.  Prior to your arrival we will work closely with you, building your program. Once you are in Israel you will be with one of our wonderful guides who will take care of all your logistics; hotel check-in, entrance fees, as well as the educational content of the trip.

For guests on our group tours, the option of extending their time in Israel to incorporate a private tour is very appealing. If you are visiting with your cycling group, why not have your family come join you after the tour?

We work with a fleet of reliable, trustworthy drivers who will always greet you with a smile, and know where you need to go. So, whether it’s adding a transfer to the beginning or end of a trip, or going to visit friends or family on a free day, we are happy to make your travel plans for you.

Many of our tours concentrate on one area of the country – typically the north or the south. Self-guided tours are a wonderful way to see the rest of the country, especially if you are on a budget. Browse our site to see the standard self-guided tours we have available, or contact us for a tailor made tour.

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