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One of my favorite rides in Israel is the ride along the beach from the slopes of Mt Carmel to the ancient port of Caesarea. This is a breathtaking open beach that is out of the reach of cars, so you have to get active to see it! The ride can only be done at low tide and on a bike with wide tiers because we are biking on the hard packed sand. The natural beauty of the Carmel Coast is just breath taking and it just makes this ride a very special one. We begin riding from Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael and follow the shore line south. Soon we meet the Crocodile Stream (no crocodiles left ) where we will see the ruins of a bridge built for the Roman Emperor, we will have to get our feet wet to cross… From here we pass the landing of the local fisherman and bike alongside the Aqueduct that led water to Caesarea for hundreds of years. Our bikes will take us between the ancient walls of the city and past the Synagogue of Rabbi Akiva to the port of Caesarea. This is a great spot to stop for lunch on the water before we continue to explore the vast ruins of the City. If you really want to see something new- try Bike Caesarea! Check out the photos:

The Roman Bridge at the Crocodile stream

Roman Bridge

Biking on the Beach


The Aqueduct

Thoose Romans!

Biking in the Ruins

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