The Best of Israel Bike Tour

Best Of Israel

One of it’s kind trip to the best Israel has to offer. 

Price: $3250 per person in DBL room- private departures only


This 9 day program will take you to through the best cycling routes in Israel.

The trip includes a bike tour of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Mt Carmel, Caesarea, Safed, Nazareth and the Gospel Trail, Mt Tabor, The Golan Heights, and the Judean Hills. 6 day option includes days 1-6 only.

Day 1: Bike Tel Aviv

Bike Tel Aviv-JaffaAfter meeting at the  Hotel in Tel Aviv, we will start our trip with an easy ride of Tel Aviv – Israel’s cosmopolitan-Mediterranean city.

Our unique route will take us through historic and human landmarks throughout the whole city including the Tel Aviv Port, the Yarkon River, the White City and Neve Tzedek. We will also stop for a break in the newly reopened Jaffa Train Station, before we bike to the Old City of Jaffa.

In Jaffa we will see the ancient port, the Church of St. Peter, and the artist Colony built within the walls. After a ride along the beachfront we will return to our hotel and meet again for dinner and to toast the beginning of the tour.

Meals included in price: Dinner| Approximate Cycling Distance: 20 km | Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 2: Carmel to Caesarea

Bike trip allong Israel CoastWe will leave Tel Aviv early morning by van and drive to the Horn of Carmel. It is in this biblical site that Elijah fought the prophets of Ba’al (Kings 1). After enjoying a spectacular view of the Galilee from the rooftop of the Church we will leave to continue biking down the slope of the Carmel.

After riding through the Amikam region- known as the Tuscany of Israel, we will stop for lunch at the old town of Binyamina, (established in 1922) in the local winery. From here we will ride to Caesarea, built in the first century BC by King Herod. We will bike along the Aqueduct all the way to the Ancient port.

We will take a short walking trip of the city that was once the Capitol of Judea, and is today a true gem on the coast. After lunch in the ancient port and a cold drink, we will head by car to Tiberius on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Meals included in price: Breakfast , Dinner | Approximate Cycling Distance: 45km | Overnight: Tiberius

Day 3: Safed

We will drive after breakfast to the ancient town of Bara’m, and visit the Synagogue built in the second century. From here we will begin to ride through the small roads of the upper Galilee, with breath taking views of the villages and vineyards around us. We will stop for a tasting in one of the local wineries and continue to Safed. Here, we will tour by foot the home of Jewish Mysticism and tour the unique judiaca market.

After lunch in the old city we will continue through the Birya Forest down towards the town of Rosh Pina. If time permits we will explore the historic houses there and then board the bus and return to Tiberius for the night.

Meals included in price: Breakfast, Dinner | Approximate Cycling Distance: 45km-some hills | Overnight: Tiberius

Day 4: Southern Golan Heights

Israel Bike TourAfter breakfast we will take a short transfer to the top of the Golan Heights . This vast plateau, overlooking the Galilee on one side and Syria on the other, is home to some of Israel’s most interesting places and people. We will start the day at Gamala, a city that resisted the Roman Empire, several years before Masada.

From here we will ride along the back roads of the region, enjoying a short wine tasting stop in one of the local wineries. Our ride will end, after a long decent, we will ride along the shores of the Sea of Galilee and return to our hotel.

Meals included in price: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Approximate Cycling Distance: 55 km | Overnight: Tiberius

Day 5: Nazareth to Kfar Tabor

We will start the day with a short walking tour of the Old city of Nazareth, biblical home of Jesus, the church of annunciation and the local market. From here we will leave Nazareth and begin to ride to Mt Tabor, overlooking the Galilee. We start riding through the Beit Keshet Forest to the village of Daburia, named after the prophet Dvora that lived in the area of mount Tavor.

From here we will start to climb up mount Tavor, mentioned in the New Testament as the place of transfiguration, and see the monastery at the top and the ruins of a Byzantine and Crusader fortress. After our visit here, we will bike to Shibli and Kfar Kama and have an authentic Chrecesian lunch. We will also spend some time after lunch to see this beautiful village and the museum of this unique ethnic group, which came here in the ottoman period from central Asia. From Kfar Kama we will board the bus and head towards Jerusalem, the jewel of the orient.

Meals included in price: Breakfast Lunch| Approximate Cycling Distance: 35km | Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 6: Jerusalem Bike Ride

We will take advantage of the Sabbath in Jerusalem, and ride through the city streets and allies. Our tour will include The Israeli Parliament, The Valley of the Cross, the pioneer neighborhood of Rehavia, The German Colony and an overlook to the Old City. This trademark ride follows small streets, bike lanes, short cuts and hidden alleys unknown to most. For lunch we will stop at the Old City gates, and continue independently for a free afternoon in the Old City with its colorfull markets, and local food.

Meals: Breakfast | Approximate Cycling Distance: 20 km | Overnight: Jerusalem 

Day 7: Jerusalem by foot+ Night ride

Our day will focus the 3000 year old city of Jerusalem, a world of its own, enclosed in walls and history. Our tour will take us through the alleys of the Old City, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher  and the Western Wall. We will also visit the Jewish Quarter and the Underground tunnels that go allong the walls of the Second Temple. After passing through the market you will be free to choose whether to return to your hotel or tour on your own in the Old City until we meet again in the evening.

Around dusk, we will leave for the breathtaking experience of a night ride in the city of Jerusalem. We will pass the Prime ministers home, Valley of the cross, Israeli Parliament and Supreme Court and then head through the market to Jaffa gate. Here we will devote some time for riding inside the allies of the Old City, ending back at Jaffa Gate for a cold drink and a midnight snack.

Meals: Breakfast | Approximate Cycling Distance: 20 km | Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 8: Judean Hills

The hills surrounding Jerusalem hold some of the best cycling routes in Israel, and we will probably see dozens of other cyclists as we head on our way. We will start riding from Bar Giora and head downhill towards Beit Shemesh (optional ride out of the city- additional 20 KM). We will ride through the Adolam Park, where we will get a glimpse of the famous caves where Bar Kochva and his supporters hid from the Romans in the year 135 AD.

From here we will ride to the Ella Valley, the Biblical site of David and Goliath’s battle, and continue for a lunch and a taste of wine from Israel’s leading wine region. After lunch we will continue our ride to the ruins of Beit Guvrin, a system of ancient caves dating back to different empires that passed through here. The bus will take us back to our hotel in Jerusalem and we will enjoy a farewell dinner together to mark the end of our tour.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Approximate Cycling Distance: 50-70 km | Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 9: Departure

Enjoy the morning in Jerusalem on your own, our staff will be happy to assist you with your travel plans.

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